4 Year-Olds
Group Preferences, 2022


Group preferences will be allocated in the order in which your registration commences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the ECMS website for more details...

The red "Preferences are not yet available" button will automatically turn green and become active at 8pm on Sunday, October 17th 2021. You don't need to refresh your page. Clicking this button will create and display your unique reference code; this code identifies you and your place in the queue. Please record this reference code.

You will then be able to complete your child's/children's details and pay your deposit at your own pace. All submissions must be completed by 8pm on Sunday, October 24th 2021.

If you wish to modify an existing record, please click the button above once it's green, then use the blue "Already have a code?" button to enter your own reference.
Nope! The red button above automatically goes green for everyone at the same time.
Once group allocation has been finalised, you will receive correspondence to inform you which group your child has been allocated to. We anticipate you will receive this information by the end of October.
A $100 deposit per-child will be held as your "Maintenance Deposit/Levy" which is refunded, subject to parent attendance at two working bees (per child) during 2022. In the event that you cancel your enrolment before Nov 30th 2021, a partial refund of $85 will be given. Refunds will generally not be provided after this date, although requests in writing will be considered on an individual basis.
We started accepting credit cards as our payment method in 2007 and this is available during your submission process. Our site is secure and is running the latest encryption technologies. We do not retain any credit card information.
Marnie Zolli is our Enrollments Manager. Please feel free to contact her via the chat box on this page or via enrolments@macleodpreschool.org.